Why buy a professional wedding album?

So, you have had your wedding day, seen your wedding photos, hopefully love them, and now received your USB. For a lot of people, sadly, this will be it or maybe they will put the files onto the computer and look at them a few times. As much as I am happy to provide my […]

10 Things you may not know about me

1, I’m a daddy to two adorable children- Imiko & Koji 2, As you can tell by my children’s names I love Japan (and no my wife is not Japanese!!) 3, August 2016 I took up Karate and I currently hold a red belt (my first belt after my white) 4, My favourite type of […]

Grooms at weddings

Last year I had the opportunity to do some training with an amazing wedding photographer; Kevin Wilson, who holds one of the highest qualification with the BIPP (British Institute Of Professional Photography). I will do a blog about this course another time, but one thing that came out of this course was not forgetting to […]

Training with the BIPP

On May 16th 2017 I travelled to Missenden Abbey in Buckingham to do some training that the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) had organised. This was with an amazing photographer David Wheeler, and having spent the day with him I would say an amazing person as well. The title of the course was ‘Capturing […]

Mercedes – Why I love this image

This image was taken at the beautiful Dumbleton Hall in Worcestershire, near Evesham. If you are getting married and you are still looking for a wedding venue I suggest having a look as it is truly breath taking. When I took this image in December 2015, the weather was not kind to us and it […]

Style of wedding photography

I understand there is a lot to consider when picking your wedding photographer, especially as they will be with you most of the day. One of the most important things for couples to consider is the style of photography in which the photographer shoots. There are many different styles, such as documentary, which is all […]

Festival Wedding

Festival Wedding All weddings are unique….. some couples choose the traditional church wedding, some get married in a castle and some a big manor house, farm or village halls to name a few. What is important is that you chose what you want and your wedding reflects how you are…… let’s be honest we are […]

Happy Bride – Why I love this image

  This wedding was in 2014 at Dewsall Court and St Michael’s and All Angels Church in Hereford. This was a special wedding for me as I have known the bride since she was born as she grew up two doors down from me. When I photograph in churches I usually try and stand at […]

Wedding Fairs at the beginning of 2017

  First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. If you have recently got engaged you will be on the start of an exciting journey of planning your wedding day. There is lots to organise and it may feel a little overwhelming at the start. One of the best places to start is wedding fairs. […]