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Why I love this image – bridal portrait

This is a very recent image I took of my stunning bride Ellen at Hatherley Manor Hotel . As you will know we are currently going through a heat wave in the UK at the moment which is creating strong, harsh lighting which I’m not always a fan of. However, as I was stood outside the door waiting for Ellen to get into her dress I saw this stunning light coming through the window and with the mirror in the background it made the perfect opportunity to get a portrait of the lovely bride. As this was a corridor in the hotel I moved a few things around so they would not interfere with the image and five minutes later this is the image we came away with, just before Ellen got in the campervan to go to the church.

What I love about this image is how the lighting has made the image. This is a standard corridor in a hotel, but the way the strong lighting has given me strong highlights and dark shadows completely makes this an interesting image. Maybe this heat wave does have some positives after all…


Technical Details

– Camera: Fujifilm XT2

– Lens: X10-24mm F4 @ 12.6mm

– ISO:2500

– Exposure:1/400 f5

– Flash: No flash used

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