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I’m getting married AHHHHHHHH………… Where do I start!!!!!!

I thought I would write this blog as on Sunday I was at my first wedding fair of the year and there were a lot of newly engaged couples, and after chatting to them they all told me they were over whelmed and to be honest just did not know where to start.

Well I thought I would give you some pointers, I’m not saying this is gospel or the way you have to do things, just they are good starting points and a lot of his is how me and my wife Nicola did things when we got engaged. Planning a wedding all focuses around the date……. So you cannot book your flowers, cake or photographers, DJ’s without that date. So to start with you need to find the venue or venues if you’re having a Church wedding that you want on the date you want. You can either pick the date (for example if it’s a special date like an anniversary) then look for venues that are free on this date. The only problem with this is the venue you really want may be booked already on that date. Other than that you can have an idea in mind like I want a summer wedding in August and once you have found the venue you can then look to see when they are available. I would not say one way is better than another, do whatever is best for you.

Once you have sorted you venue and date, that’s when you can start booking other parts of the day and making your ideal wedding come true. If you’re like me and like to see things and speak to real people rather than looking online all the time, come to wedding fairs, they are a great place to meet the faces behind the websites and see what they have to offer you and your wedding day. Also everyone there is a specialist in their chosen field so they will be able to help you achieve what you want to do.

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