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What happens if it rains on my wedding day?


Well I know that this is a question that can worry couples when they are getting married, you have spent all this time picking the right venue, dress, shoes, suits etc. and you want your wedding photos to be amazing as well and you believe that you will need great weather to achieve this. I’m pleased to tell you don’t worry if it does rain as you can still get amazing photographs. In my opinion you have two options you can either stay inside the venue and look for the parts of the venue that are overlooked but make great images or go outside, get a little wet, but have fun with it.

As a photographer I have been at some of the most amazing wedding venues and sadly it has hammered down all day. As much as it is disappointing as these venues had some of the most amazing gardens, it has made me think outside the box and create some great images. For example, I shot at Clearwell Castle and if you know it you will know how nice the venue is but sadly on this day it rained pretty much all day. But when it came to making the wedding portraits in my opinion I have made some of my best images at Clearwell on this day.

What I do say to all my couples is my best advice if it does rain on the day is to embrace it, so if that means putting on some wellies and grabbing an umbrella just do it. This can be just as fun and you will get some natural looking fun photos that refeldct your wedding day.

Here are some photos I’ve taken on wet wedding days.


So just remember if it does rain on your special day………. They say it’s supposed to be lucky!!!!

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