Behind the Scene

Well I thought I would show you the other side of what goes into wedding photography and making what i believe to be amazing images. This was the wedding of Emma & Jake at Holmer Church and Burghill Valley Golf Club, at this wedding I was lucky to have Steph Barry with me photographing different angles during the day but she also captured these images of me getting this image.

So During the couple’s portrait session we went out on the golf buggies around the course to get some nice images of Jake & Emma. While driving I say all this long grass anyone what knows me or has been photographed by me probably will know how much I love long grass for making photographs. In my head I was looking to do a panoramic image with Emma ad Jake in the grass (this is the image below)

As we stopped and started to walk to the grass Emma joked saying “let me guess you are going to get me to lie down in the grass”…… my reponse was simply “I wasn’t but if you want to let’s do it” (or something like that. So with that Emma & Jake were lying down in the long grass. Poor Jake with me staying over him to create this image. But hope you can agree it was worth it. So if I ever say to you on the day trust me I know what I’m doing please do as this is what can happen.


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