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Using the Fujifilm XT2 for the first time……. Have I fallen in love?

I have been a Canon shooter since I have started in photography at the tender age of 16. Starting with my old trusted Canon t60 and EOS 500n which I still have.

So why did I decide to get a mirrorless camera?

I have been looking at the mirrorless systems mainly as a personal camera and also for shooting in the ceremonies at weddings with the electronic shutter, as some vicars do not like photos being take during the ceremony. I have looked at a few systems but found myself keep coming back Fujifilm for one reason and another. I have also seen many wedding photographers make the switch which kept wetting my appetite. So one evening I was again looking at them on the net and found one used in great condition on Wex photo video. So decided to buy it, along with a second hand 23mm f1.4. After talking to a fellow local wedding photographer/ and friend he happened to mention he had a load of Fujifilm X series lens as he had a xt1 set up. Which he offered to lend me for an upcoming engagement shoot I had.

So the day had come for the engagement shoot on the stunning Malvern Hills with the lovely couple Anusha & Chris. Excited and a little nervous as I did not know this system very well yet I headed to the shoot with my Fuji xt2 23mm f1.4 and the lens I picked up a few days before the 35mm f2, as well as my friends 10-24mm f4, 16-55mm f2.8 56mm f1.2 and the 50-140mm f2.8m and a nissin i40 flash. After a few minutes I was already thankful I had the fuji with me I have walked to the top of the Malvern Hills loads of times with camera gear……. I hate it!!!!!! But with the fuji gear it was better, don’t get me wrong I still did not enjoy it.

After catching my breath we started to shoot, on my canon system I love my 17-40mm f4 one of my favourite lenses for shooting couples in the surroundings so as you can imagine the Fuji 10-24mm f4 was one of the first lenses I used, I was very impressed with it straight away. I love the EVF I had read loads about how big and bright it was, but still I could not believe how big and bright it was so nice being able to see how the images was going to come out before hitting the shutter. I found out by accident that I could review my images and zoom in to check focus using the EVF. This is brill not having to take the camera away from my eye also this is amazing in strong sunlight. Like I said earlier I have not used this camera much so I was checking the focus a lot.

As I have been lent all these amazing lens to try I started to work my way through them. I LOVE the 56mm amazing images sharpness and colours. My only criticism is the aperture ring not having the clicks when changing aperture… I did knock it a couple of times and managed to change the aperture without really knowing, but using the EVF helped me notice this. Funnily enough after using the 56mm I did not use the others I was lent as Ioved the 10-24mm and the 56mm so much, but I did try my new 35mm which is an amazing little lens. The only issue I had on this shoot was when using the 35mm I was doing a walking image and I had a lot of trouble tracking…… this was nowhere near as good as my Canon’s but I have talked to a few different fuji shooters and I changed some settings and had more luck on little family shoots I have done since with my little ones.

The enjoyment of the fuji system did not stop there, editing these images was a joy, the colours are beautiful the skin tones are pleasing. I felt I had a lot less tweaking to do to these files (they were shot in RAW). The couple are in love with the images, which gives me so much confidence in this little system. I did notice though I did not nail focus all the time with the 10-24mm now was this me, the camera or the lens? Not sure I need to try this again to see what happens.

Will the fuji replace my canon gear……. Maybe I need to do more testing at higher ISO and see if I can start nailing focus on the tracking. But I certainly enjoy using this camera more than my canons. It reminds me of how I felt when I started in photography 16 years ago, i had so much excitment on this shoot and a spring in my step with this camera in my hand. I have always said my Canon T60 is my favourite camera I have used and this reminds me of that with the dials on the top of the body and the aperture ring on the lens. This system would be amazing to use at a wedding with how light it is as shooting for 10-12 hours sometimes more with my canon gear can break your back.

This camera has certainly eared its spot in my bag, now to decide on which lens I would like to add to my 23mm and 35mm……. I think the 56mm is a definite and i would love to get my hands on the 90mm f2.


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