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Why buy a professional wedding album?

So, you have had your wedding day, seen your wedding photos, hopefully love them, and now received your USB. For a lot of people, sadly, this will be it or maybe they will put the files onto the computer and look at them a few times. As much as I am happy to provide my clients with the USB for them to keep I do believe everyone should be thinking of having a professional wedding album. What do I mean by this? I know with the USB you can go to a number of online printers and make a simple printed book. You’re probaly thinking ‘if I can do that myself for half the cost why would I get it from my photographer?’

Yes, the online printer can do an ok job. However, the professional album companies are specialists in what they do so without doubt you will receive a product of a far superior quality. The photographs in the album will look how the photographer intend them to look, colours correct and so on. I personally have had things printed online to find that the images look nothing like they did on my iMac.

Your wedding photographer can make you a customised and bespoke album with varying amount of images on the page and can include some very creative designs. There are huge numbers of personalisations ranging from the cover of the album to the type of paper it is printed on. I know the album company I use, Graphistudio has over 40,000,000 different combinations of customising options. They will even do one off bespoke pieces, for instance, if you were Scottish and wanted an album covered in your family’s tartan they could do this for you.

What’s great about having a wedding album from your photographer is it is a fantastic way to show off your wedding photographs. Rather than everyone being sat around a laptop trying to look you can pass around your album. With this, the photographer will have not only arranged the images in a pleasing way, but they will also tell the story of your day from bridal prep through to the evening.

One thing to remember as well, is sadly digital images can be lost. Technology is changing all the time- recently we have changed from floppy disks to cd to dvd now to USB….. what will be next? It is sad that couples can lose their images due to a hard drive failing or corrupting. Something being spilt onto your computer which ends up in you losing everything. I have even heard of someone loosing their USB during a house move. So this is mind please print, print, print your wedding photos.


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