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10 Things you may not know about me

1, I’m a daddy to two adorable children- Imiko & Koji

2, As you can tell by my children’s names I love Japan (and no my wife is not Japanese!!)

3, August 2016 I took up Karate and I currently hold a red belt (my first belt after my white)

4, My favourite type of music is pop punk and Blink 182 are my favourite band ever!

5, I’m a big Harry Potter fan… I also have a collection of replica wands!

6, I’m dyslexic so sorry if my blogs don’t make sense….. now you know why

7, I’ve been to Disney Land in Florida 7 times

8, I have swam with dolphins

9, I took up photography at the age of 16 whilst at school

10, I have been with my wife Nicola over 10 years and been married to her for just over 5 years

Wedding Day selfie at Billesley Manor Hotel in May 2017

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