Grooms at weddings

Last year I had the opportunity to do some training with an amazing wedding photographer; Kevin Wilson, who holds one of the highest qualification with the BIPP (British Institute Of Professional Photography). I will do a blog about this course another time, but one thing that came out of this course was not forgetting to photograph the grooms…… it is their wedding day too after all. It’s too easy for grooms to get forgotten about as the wedding day has always been talked about as “the brides day’.

Since then I have made a point to photograph the grooms, if they wanted to of course. I understand that not all grooms are going to want to as they may feel self-conscious. I know on my wedding day I did feel a little conscious myself so I do completely understand.

I love how relaxed these grooms look, on understandably the most nerve wracking day of their lives.

What I love about photographing grooms is how I can make the images look very chilled and relaxed. Having these stylised portraits of the grooms also can look amazing in wedding albums especially with the portraits of the bride….. the two really compliment each other!







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