Training with the BIPP

On May 16th 2017 I travelled to Missenden Abbey in Buckingham to do some training that the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) had organised. This was with an amazing photographer David Wheeler, and having spent the day with him I would say an amazing person as well. The title of the course was ‘Capturing the essence of a wedding’ and the idea was to get the best images at wedding venues without taking too much time up of the happy couple on their special day. David taught me so much about looking for the spots in the venue, looking for the light. Maximising great locations at a wedding and how to get the most from them. He also refreshed and added to the things I learnt with Kevin on posing and how to use the reflector to the best of my ability, bending light.

Now I know some of you may be thinking….. why do you need to be doing training course? I have a diploma, degree, awards in photography and over ten years experience as a professional photographer. Well to be honest I use to think the same. But if we are honest can anyone say they are perfect in their job? Last year I did another course with Kevin Wilson which was all about posing, I found this to be amazing for me and noticed my photographer improve alot last year. Kevin taught me all about refining my posing how to make a bride & groom look eligent. Its all about the little things, where the hand is placed, the way her hand is touching his chest, the shape of the arms and the angle of the head. Most importantly it all starts with the feet….. if you dont have the feet right the rest won’t look right. Some of you may of heard me talking about this.

What I have taken from the day is to make the most of the best places at wedding venues inside or out. What this will mean for you, my couples, is stunning images which you will treasure forever and more time with your guest.

One thing I would say to any wedding photographer or aspiring photographer,

invest in yourselves and do training….. but pick the right courses for you.

If you get a chance to do some training with Dave Wheeler or Kevin Wilson, do it! You won’t regret it

Look at the BIPP courses, they are brill!

If you’re not a member of any society look at the BIPP, they have been amazing for me, all the members are great and there are some great photographers always there to mentor you.



Photographs from the David Wheeler Course 2017



Photographs from my course with Kevin Wilson

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