Mercedes – Why I love this image

This image was taken at the beautiful Dumbleton Hall in Worcestershire, near Evesham. If you are getting married and you are still looking for a wedding venue I suggest having a look as it is truly breath taking.

When I took this image in December 2015, the weather was not kind to us and it rained very hard all day. As you can see Mercedes’ dress was breath taking so we decided not to go outside and did some beautiful shots inside this amazing venue.

This image you can see was taken in the beautiful bridle suite. I asked Mercedes to stand in the window for me and with minimal direction she ended up in this stunning pose. The idea to pose her like this came as soon as I saw the window. I wanted to make this look like a bridal fashion portrait, which I believe I have done.  With her wearing a cathedral veil sitting over the dress this just finishes of the pose, but also adds some texture to the photo. I asked Mercedes to hold her flowers in this relaxed manor for a couple of reasons, one being so we could see them as if I had her hold them in the traditional way in front of her they would be hidden. Also by her holding them in this way it helps get shape into her arm, when posing if we can get shape into the arm it will help with showing the body shape of the bride i.e. not making her look bigger than she is.


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