Happy Bride – Why I love this image



This wedding was in 2014 at Dewsall Court and St Michael’s and All Angels Church in Hereford. This was a special wedding for me as I have known the bride since she was born as she grew up two doors down from me. When I photograph in churches I usually try and stand at the front by the Rev so I can get a clean shot of the kiss and the ring exchange. But this Rev asked me to stay in the back, although he was happy for me to shoot from the little balcony there. This wedding changed my view on photographing in churches. If I was not asked to photograph from the back of the church I wouldn’t have got this image of Abbie turning around and screaming at the congregation after they were pronounced man and wife. For me, this image sums up the emotion and the release of months, years even, of blood, sweat and tears that go into a wedding day. As much as we all want the perfect dress, venue etc, it is all about marring the person you love. To me, Abbie screaming with joy shows just what marrying Pete meant to her and I am so glad it was caught on camera.

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